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Where Easy Street and Profit Street Intersect

Starting a repair business can be daunting: there are thousands of broken devices out there and almost anything could be wrong with them. Don't get overwhelmed. Instead of trying to fix every single computer and cell phone that walks through the door, consider limiting your scope to these simple repairs. They offer the best blend of ease-of-repair and cost benefit.

You're new to the repair business, so it's important to get a good return on your time and investment. Be familiar with repairs that are in high demand and are easy to do quickly and correctly.

Products that are profitable to repair will vary dramatically by location. Here are some beginning repair ideas based on successful repair businesses. This is not a definitive list; it's a starting point. Are we missing anything? Help us by adding to the list!

Apple Devices

  • Replacing the battery - On all Mac laptops (excluding MacBook Pro with Retina Display models), replacing the battery is a quick and easy repair, that at most requires removing a few screws.
  • Upgrading RAM - Another easy repair, you can quickly replace or upgrade the RAM in all MacBooks (excluding MacBook Pro with Retina Display and MacBook Air, which have the RAM soldered to the logic board).
  • Replacing the Hard Drive or Optical Drive - In most Mac laptops, opening the case gives easy access to both the hard drive and the optical drive, common failure/upgrade points.
  • Cleaning or Replacing Fans - Noisy or clogged fans are usually about as easy to access as the internal drives. Cleaning out dust with canned air or a vacuum cleaner is a quick way to improve cooling performance.
  • Upgrading RAM - All but the newest iMacs have an easy-to-remove RAM access door that lets you add or replace RAM without even opening the case.
  • Replacing the Hard Drive - Replacing a Hard Drive in an iMac is one of those repairs that's easier than it looks. With the right tools, the front glass lifts off to give access to replace a failed hard drive, or install a newer, bigger drive.
  • Replacing the battery - All iPhones (aside from the original model) have easily-replaceable batteries.
  • Replacing the front panel - It's quite easy to replace the front panel on the iPhone 3G, 3GS, and iPhone 5. It's a bit more of a challenge on the iPhone 4 and 4S, since you have to work through the entire phone to get to the display.
  • Replacing the back panel - The iPhone 4 and 4S make up for their lack of an easily fixable front panel by having an easily removable back panel. All you need to do is remove two screws to slide the back panel off the phone.
  • Battery Replacement - The most frequently needed repair, but often very difficult. iPods are generally tricky to get into, and most iPod Touch and nano models require soldering the battery. The easiest iPod battery replacement jobs are on the iPod Mini and Generations 1-5 of the iPod Original.
  • Be extra cautious when servicing iPads for the first time. They're incredibly difficult to open without shattering the display. And if the display is already shattered, then it'll be difficult to remove all the glass shards. Proceed with care either way, and take your time.
  • Upgrade RAM - The fastest and easiest PC upgrade, just pull out the old stick(s) and insert new, higher-capacity RAM for improved performance.
  • Replace the Hard Drive - One of the most frequent repairs necessary with older machines, replacing the hard drive in a PC desktop is generally very easy and straight-forward, like in this Dell desktop.
  • Replace the Power Supply - Power supplies are one of the first things that fail inside a desktop PC.
  • Cleaning Fans - PC Desktops are full of fans—the CPU, power supply, and often case itself will each have a fan, all easy to get to and ready to benefit from a thorough cleaning.

It breaks my heart that Android is not on here. I know why, but it doesn't make it any less painful. I suppose if anyone else intends to do Android repairs, on demand parts ordering is the only real way to do it. You can't possibly predict what might be coming your way with the fragmentation issue of Android OS devices. Most of these devices are just as easy to repair as any iOS device, with the exception of some of the newer devices (read HTC One. Thanks, Ifixit!).

davidlabbott2 - Antwort

I really like this page and the idea behind it. By directing the potential business owner in thinking they do not have to do everything to start with and let them know they can specialize in one area, will help those who do not have an overall knowledge of all technology be able to still provide a service in areas they like and bring in a living while not putting themselves in a position that they are not ready for and doing more damage than good to a clients equipment. As they get more proficient they can always extend their areas of service.

Ken - Antwort

I would actually add Macbook (Air/Pro/Original) display, but only if the customer is ok paying for an entire new display assembly. It's no more complicated than replacing iPhone displays, has similar margins, takes about the same amount of time, and is a good way to get comfortable with more advanced repairs inside unibody laptop devices.

alexmouravskiy - Antwort

In regards to Cleaning or Replacing Fans. Using a household vacuum cleaner to clean out the inside of a computer or other electronic could potentially be a ESD hazard, and hence isn't recommend.

Jason - Antwort

This article is worth of reading. Fix computers or iOS devices is a hard matter. A few weeks ago, I found My iPhone 4s runs so slow. And I tried to fix it by myself. Then, I found there are so many junk files and made them deleted with Macgo Free iPhone Cleaner http://www.macblurayplayer.com/iphone-cl...

Evan Ezekiel - Antwort

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