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Background and Identification

The Alcatel OneTouch Evolve, released on October 5th 2013, is a stylish yet affordable smart phone. It operates using a single core processor with a built in storage of 4GB and a maximum user storage of 1.4GB. The all-black matte finish and front glass display provide a sleek, modern look. The device displays a 4 inch screen with a 400X800 resolution.

Major Features of the Alcatel OneTouch Evolve includes: a 5-megapixels camera, VGA front camera, HD video capture, a micro SD card slot available for storage expansion up to 32 GB, and a removable Li-ion battery. The device also includes a FM radio, which captivates a lot of customers because most smart phones don't have this feature anymore. Pros of the OneTouch Evolve includes: a stylish design, affordability, good reception, battery replacements, and the camera. Cons include: 3G network, single-core processor, camera lacks flash, camera lacks auto focus, and lagging while exiting large applications.

Identifying the Alcatel OneTouch Evolve is quite simple. The all-black matte design is a good way to distinguish this design from similar models. Other models display a glossy black finish or a different color on the back of the device. In addition to the black matte finish, the word A L C A T E L displayed on the front of the device, and the 5 MP next to the camera on the back, are all indications that the device is an Alcatel OneTouch Evolve. The easiest method for device identification is powering on the device and seeing the display of the device name: OneTouch Evolve.


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