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Background and Identification

The Canon PowerShot S100 was released in 2011 as a versatile point-and-shoot camera. It is small in size, but has a powerful DIGIC 5 image processor and fast f/2 lens for clear images even in low light. The camera has a 5x optical zoom for a wide range of photographic opportunities. You may choose to use this camera either in automatic mode or manual mode for as much control as desired.

The overall reception was satisfactory. The camera takes good quality pictures, but it is prone to certain mechanical failures. One common problem with this device is a lens error that Canon has since recalled and offered free repairs for.

This camera's most distinguishing feature is its custom control ring on the outside of the lens, as well as the "S100" displayed on the front of the camera.

Additional Information

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Here is the Canon web page for the PowerShot S100.

Here is the user guide for the PowerShot S100.

Here is a press release from Canon about the lens error many users have experienced.

Here is a web page with several repair guides for the lens error.

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