If you are having trouble with your Garmin Vivoactive, visit our troubleshooting page.

The Garmin Vivoactive is a sleek multi-sport watch with smartphone connectivity. Released in April 2015, the smartwatch gave users a long-awaited pairing of Garmin's activity tracking capabilities and interfacing with the user's smartphone. It features a large, square, and sleek touch screen display. The multi-functionality of the watch allows the user to stay connected while also engaging in physical activities.

The watch has many features such as daily tracking for steps, calories, and heart rate. It incorporates movebar alerts along with a sunlight readable screen and up to 3 weeks of battery life. The Vivoactive also has the ability to sync with connect IQ, Garmin’s advanced site where users can track their daily activities in great detail. As of today, there have been many user issues with software performance including: unresponsiveness, bluetooth connectivity to smartphones, and inaccurate activity statistics.

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Review of Vivoactive Features and Capabilities

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