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Dell Inspiron 13-7352 Troubleshooting

Released August 2014, 7000 series

Device is Overheating/Feels Unusually Warm

The device feels unusually warm to the touch either on the underside or on top, or overheats resulting in device shutoff.

Unresponsive/Lagging Cooling Fan

First, locate the cooling fan. Refer to the Cooling Fan guide to ensure it is identified properly. Check this area for dust, debris or any build up. If there is anything obstructing proper operation of the cooling fan, the device will not operate properly, thus overheating the device. Consider using an air duster to clear the area of any obstructions. If overheating persists, a damaged or broken cooling fan may be to blame. Consider replacing the cooling fan. Refer to the Cooling Fan Replacement Guide.

Device Will Not Charge or Will Not Hold a Sufficient Charge

Upon plugging in the charging cord, the charging icon does not show the device is actively charging, or after charging the device, the battery will only hold a charge for a short period of time.

Charging Port Dirty/Corroded

Check to make sure there is no dust or build up in or around the charging port area on the device, or on the charging adapter itself. If dust or build up is present, consider an air duster to free any dust or corrosion.

Unresponsive Power Adapter

If no dust or build up is present and issues continue, check to make sure your charger is completely connected and the green light on the adapter is present. If there is still no response, check to make sure the connector is not bent and all prongs and wires are intact. If one or more of these issues are present, consider replacing your charging adapter.

Charging Port Connection Problems

If the charging adapter does not appear to be the issue, consider replacing the device charging port. Refer to the System Board Replacement Guide.

Dead/Uncharged Battery

If the device can only power on while plugged in, immediately turns off upon removal of charging adapter, or the device does not hold a sufficient charge, consider a battery replacement by referring to the Battery Replacement Guide.

Unable to Open/Close Device

The hinges are stiff, creaky, cracked or broken.

Creaky or Stiff Hinge/Hinges

If upon opening or closing the device, the hinges seem stiff or creaky, make sure there is nothing in the way of the hinges. If they are clear of any obstructions and still have stiffness issues, consider using a lubricant to loosen the joint.

Cracked or Broken Hinge/Hinges

If the device has a cracked or broken hinge or hinges from general wear and tear or being dropped that prevents the device lid from being opened or closed smoothly or properly, consider replacing the affected hinge/hinges. Refer to Hinge Replacement Guide.

Hard Drive Malfunctions

The appearance of a system failure screen, blank screen, or frequent crashes, or wanting to increase or upgrade device Memory Module

Hard Drive Failure

If the appearance of a system failure screen is present, blank screen, or frequent crashes occur while operating the device, a damaged or infected hard drive may be to blame. Refer to the Hard Drive Replacement Guide to locate, remove, and replace the hard drive.

RAM (Memory Module) Issue

If replacing a damaged hard drive continues to result in spontaneous crashes or blank screens, consider increasing or upgrading the size of the Memory Module in the device. Consider purchasing a larger Memory Module unit to replace the older, smaller unit with. The memory module can be removed and replaced easily, simply refer to the Memory Module Replacement Guide.

Computer Component or USB Port Not Recognized

Upon plugging in a component cord or a USB into the port the device does not respond.

Dirty/Corroded Port

If the component or USB port is not being recognized upon connection, consider cleaning out the slot with an air duster to clear any dust or obstructions. Also, make sure the cord is being connected correctly and as intended (not upside down or crooked).

Unresponsive Port

If after cleaning out the port it is still unresponsive, the device may have a damaged port. If there are multiple ports, try another. If the device responds to this port, the original port may be broken. Consider replacing it with a new port. Refer to the System Board Replacement Guide.

Out of Date Software/Compatibility Issue

If you are trying to install new software or connect hardware, make sure the device's software is up to date and running the latest operating system. Make sure the software or devices are compatible with the software and operating system. This information can be found on the software or hardware packaging.

My Dell Pass Word was lost I want to get around it if I can is their a way to fix this problem?

StinenBeck - Antwort


My Dell Inspiron 13-7352 won't turn on; I was using it when there was power outage and I totally drained the battery and it went off automatically, after the power came back I charged it the whole night but it still totally doesn't turn on. I tried to long-press the power button but nothing happens. I am 99% sure that the reason was using it on battery until the whole charge was gone. Please help!

jobgondwe - Antwort

Most likely blew out a diode on the board, dealing with one of those issues my self, i replaced the diode but it will be Wednesday till i can confirm that the fix worked, check the bottom side of the board, down by the battery terminals little square SMD diode has like V810 M53 on it does that look burnt?

joshr45 -

Hello, my dell inspiron 13-7352 does not charge. When i plug the charger, there is no battery icon on the taskbar indicating the battery is charging. I tried putting a new battery, I changed the charging port... other trouble shooting such as deleting the battery drive/software... no luck. Any idea how I can make my laptop charge again? Do I need to replace the mother board?

Help needed. Thank you in advance

Don Kim - Antwort

My screen shows sideways. How do I fix it. Other than that it works great


Ernest Trujillo - Antwort

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